posted 2013 May by Mrs. Grannycords

Here are some of our beautiful Grannycords ambassadors with 
their chosen Grannycord. Meet more of our ambassadors here.


posted 2013 May by Mrs. Grannycords

- Our third collection of Grannycords is ready, and all they need are new owners so
that they can show off in the sunshine! We'll soon post detailed pictures and update 
our web shop with our gorgeous new products.

You are of course welcome to visit us in our workshop in Oslo to see them in real 
life and try them on. To make it happen, contact us at hello@grannycords.com for 
an appointment.

Remember that you can also order custom made Grannycords just as you want them.

Bling bling!


posted 2013 May by Mrs. Grannycords

We made a showroom for a sneak peak of our new collection and invited the girls 
for a little party. Such a fun night, and thank you so much for the support!

See the pictures on our Grannycords facebook page. 


posted 2013 May by Mrs. Grannycords

Hello again everyone! Summer is fast approaching and quite
a few of the newest creations have already found new homes. 
Here are some pictures from the "Grannycord life."


posted 2013 May by Mrs. Grannycords

We got a package in the mail today with the new 
Grannycord tags. We love 'em!


posted 2013 Apr by Mrs. Grannycords

Here is a fresh pic from our first shoot that was hidden in our archives. 
Springtime is upon us and we are so inspired! 
Here's Elisabeth posing cheekishly with the Silbersee Grannycord.


posted 2013 Mar by Mrs. Grannycords

We have been feeling a bit "earthy" lately, and the latest Grannycords are inspired
by the elements of rock and stone - reminiscing about being kids wandering up and
down the beach for ages, looking for the stones we thought to be the most special.

So we headed to beach to take pictures of our newest creations and found beautiful 
color palettes in the cliffs and rocks off the shore. Doesn't the Grannycord make the 
rock look great? Their connection to the earth will shine on all you natural beauties 
out there. 

All Grannycords are handmade, carefully knotted and finished with silver details. 
This time we have used calm natural colored stones such as moonstone, serpentine, 
coral and howlite, and unique precious gemstones to suit their personality. 
We call it the Lover's Rock edition.

So without further ado, we introduce Fortuna, Coyote, Rosemary, Vervain and Dharma
to the Grannycords family - all priced at: 95,- EUR / 699,- NOK.

From left: Fortuna, Coyote, Rosemary, Vervain and Dharma. 

      Our newest sunglasschain - Dharma      



posted 2013 Mar by Mrs. Grannycords

Our new collection is on the way and we are currently adding more beautiful jewelry 
eyewear holders
 as we go. We want to present them to you as fast as we can, so 
we'll keep adding pictures here on the news page before we add them to our official 

Here are some sunny pictures taken at beautiful Nobby Beach on the Gold Coast in 
Australia. We posted a picture of these earlier while still in production, and little baby 
Kepler has already been sold to Grannycords aficionado - Astrid. 
Kepler is made out of Black Onyx 4x4 mm, a unique crushed crystal ball and silver 

Also check out:

Stellar - Hematite 3x3 mm, Amethyst Rock and silver details. (110,- EUR / 799,- NOK)

Antarctica - Crushed Crystals 4x6mm, Blue and Brown (the earth) spotted clay bead and 
silver details. (120,- EUR / 899,- NOK)

Mini Darth Vader - Hematite Cubes 2x2 mm, Black Howlite Skull and silver details. 
The black skull seems to be a favorite with many people. (100,- EUR / 749,- NOK)

**Remember that we make anything you'd like on request, whether it be something custom 
made or from our earlier collections.


From left: Stellar, Antarctica & Mini Darth Vader


posted 2013 Mar by Mrs. Grannycords

We are so proud and excited about our first and second collection 
of Grannycords. Our first editions are now almost sold out!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us and gotten
their hands on our first creations. We are especially grateful of the 
fact that our Grannycords have found new homes in different 
countries of the world like Norway, Uganda, France and Australia.

We are making more of the most wanted Grannycords from our first
collections on demand. Also, with spring time just around the corner
- new designs are being made and we are working really hard to finish
the upcoming third collection.

// Meanwhile, you can still secure yourself a piece from our very first creations. //

These six are available now (click):


posted 2013 Mar by Mrs. Grannycords

Check it out everyone! 
Today I made an Instagram account for the inspirations and pictures for Grannycords, 
and for some everyday cord life.  

Find us here: instagram.com/grannycords.

If you wear us and love us and do the Insta 
- please use the hashtag: #grannycords. 

See you on Instagram.

instagram account for grannycords - chains /cords and eyewear holders for glasses and sunglasses


posted 2013 Feb by Mrs. Grannycords

Here is a pic of some of creations currently in production. So fresh and so new - they haven't even been added to the store yet! 
Introducing: Mini Darth Vader, Stellar, Kepler & Anartica - new members of the Grannycords family. 

Want one? Get your order in now before they sell out! hello@grannycords.com


posted 2013 Feb by Mrs. Grannycords

Thank you so much for all your support with the launch of both our facebook page and online store

Keep following us on www.facebook.com/grannycords for our latest updates. 


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