We have been feeling a bit "earthy" lately, and the latest Grannycords are inspired
by the elements of rock and stone - reminiscing about being kids wandering up and
down the beach for ages, looking for the stones we thought to be the most special.

So we headed to beach to take pictures of our newest creations and found beautiful 
color palettes in the cliffs and rocks off the shore. Doesn't the Grannycord make the 
rock look great? Their connection to the earth will shine on all you natural beauties 
out there. 

All Grannycords are handmade, carefully knotted and finished with silver details. 
This time we have used calm natural colored stones such as moonstone, serpentine, 
coral and howlite, and unique precious gemstones to suit their personality. 
We call it the Lover's Rock edition.

So without further ado, we introduce Fortuna, Coyote, Rosemary, Vervain and Dharma
to the Grannycords family - all priced at: 95,- EUR / 699,- NOK.

From left: Fortuna, Coyote, Rosemary, Vervain and Dharma. 

      Our newest sunglasschain - Dharma