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// 6mm white pearls + silver ball + silver details + silver anchor //

The silver anchor turns the Grannycord into a necklace or a wristband! 

- my mother told me to look for the silver lining in every cloud. And as the clouds covered the sun I saw rabbits, floating ships, dinosaurs and cream puffs, and they lit up the sky. Like soft clouds in a row, these may light up your day, too. 

** Grannycords are unique handmade spectacle chains of high quality. We use precious metals, stone, crystals, pearls and unique beads as materials. Each Grannycord is made by hand to ensure strength, make it flow perfectly and stay in shape. All Grannycords are finished with custom-made sterling silver details and are made to last if you treat them with love.

Treat your Grannycords like jewelry as they are handmade with delicate materials. Our pearls are knotted by hand the traditional way with knots between each pearl so that they stay in shape. You can adjust the size of the rubber band to fit different glasses/sunglasses. Be careful and not to rough.

Norwegian Postal Service shipping rates apply. Contact us for large orders. Expect 7-10 days delivery time.

Payments can be made through our online store, Paypal or by invoice. Should you encounter any problems, please e-mail us at and we'll help you with your order.

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